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EUVO™ Received the Grand Prize from Samsung's New Technology Contest 2012.10.01
용 FST’s ‘EUV Light Generation System’ received the grand prize from Mutual Cooperation and New Technology Contest sponsored by Samsung Electronics and Large & Small Business Cooperation Foundation. EUV Light Generation System, EUVO™, one of the main products developed by FST’s NPD division, is expected to be regarded as the fundamental equipment of EUV lithography infrastructure and is under active research and development worldwide. Through the contest, FST will strive to achieve objectives such as power upgrade on the existing EUV light generators and better stability of the system, etc., thereby dramatically improving all functions prerequisite for mass production. As of May 2012, it is expected to take two years for the development to be completed.
이전글 FST’s NPD division in Academic Partnership with KAIST 2012-10-01
다음글 Relocation of NPD Division 2012-10-01