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FST’s EUVO™ Delivery Completed to Samsung Electronics 2012.10.01
As the EUV light source for metrology, the first delivery of our NPD Division’s main product, EUVO™, to Samsung Electronics has been completed. Since the receipt of its purchase order in Q4 2011, this product had gone through a production and stability period and was finally delivered to Samsung last July. Through a number of researches and developments, EUVO™, the light source for EUV Metrology, has been developed to a system that generates a high-bright, stable, and world’s best-quality EUV beam. As EUV lithography becomes the mainstream, we expect the demand for EUVO™ to rise.
이전글 Relocation of NPD Division 2012-10-01
다음글 Introduction of EUVO™ at SEMICON West 2012, the World’s Largest Semiconductor Event ... 2012-10-01