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EUVO™ Equipped with Beam Stabilizer Function to Obtain Better Stability 2012.10.01
NPD division’s EUVO™ is now equipped with ‘Position Stabilizer’, the solution to provide stable EUV light steadily and bring more convenience to use. This function automatically align the position of beam, if there is any change made by external factors, by checking its optimal positions to generate beam at all times. Since EUVO™ is remarkably sensitive and any external variables can change its output dramatically, the stability of the system is the key to its success. With the stabilizer function equipped, we can assure that the performance of EUVO™ has been upgraded to another level.
이전글 Introduction of EUVO™ at SEMICON West 2012, the World’s Largest Semiconductor Event ... 2012-10-01
다음글 FST’s Participation in SEMICON Taiwan 2012 2012-10-01