TCU - Temperature Control Unit
TCU Temperature Control Unit
  • Wide Scope Chiller (Thermoelectric, Compressor-type, Cryogenic)

    Heat Exchanger

    THC (Temp & Humidity Controller)

    -100℃ ~ +200℃

  • Temp. Stability Fast Response Time

    Accurate Temperature Control (±0.01 ~ ±0.1℃)

  • Energy Saving Load & Output Variable System

    3Way Valve Control

  • High Efficiency High Efficiency(‘Hiper’) TEM & Block

    Eco-friendly & Seismic Design

    Momentary Power Outage Resistance (Power Vaccine)

  • High removal efficiency

    High removal efficiency for harmful and toxic gases -

    Effective management of emissions below the -
    specified standards for the target gas

  • High replacement cycle, chemical stability

    - Resin with chemical stability

    - High removal efficiency through chemical adsorption
    and efficient replacement cycles

  • Energy Saving

    Achieving high efficiency in removing the target gas -
    with low energy consumption

    Efficient process operation through the application -
    of energy-saving mode

  • Byproduct management

    - Minimization of NOx emissions through the use of
    Low NOx burners

    - Management of NOx emissions through the use of
    a NOx-free chamber

    - Optimization of process operations through powder
    and byproduct management