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Business Ethics

FST is growing into a leading company thorough its value in business ethics.

An Overview of our Business Ethics

We recognize the reponsibility that a company must adhere to as a member of society, therefore, we value the importance of adopting a code of ethical conduct within our company. In other words, we prioritize business ethics when there is a conflict between the pursuit of personal profit and business ethics. This concept is derived from the idea that though unethical acts could result in immediate profit for a company, they can also endanger the well-being of the company in the long run.

  • Three Major Management Principles

    The CEO's commitment towards business ethics, transparent management, and proactive management.

  • Transparent Managament

    As a company listed under KOSDAQ, we are transparent in our accounting and management

  • The Construction and Use of an Evaluation Model

    The preparation to handle any illegal transations and unforseen incidents through the construction and utilization of an evaluation model.

  • Improvement of Corporate Identity

    The improvement of our corporate image by following business ethics

Moral standards

Code / Practice Guidelines

고객, 거래, 회사, 국가, 임진원
Responsibilites and Commitments Towards Our Customers
As we acknowledge that our customers are the reason and motivation for our company, we make managerial decisions from our customers' perspective and secure their trust by maximizing their benefits.
Fair Competition and Transactions
Based on the principles of free competition and the principle of fair trade in the era of globalization, we respect the laws and cultures of the respective regions, secure competitive advantage fairly, and establish mutual trust and cooperation through fair and transparent transactions.
Responsibilites and Commitments Towards Our Employees
Our company contributes to the development of the national economy through the honest growth of rational business management, protects the profits of our shareholders, and contributes to the prosperous well-being and societal development of our nation.
Employee Code of Conduct

Employees should be devoted to their basic responsibilities, knowing that they are able to prevent any immoral or illegal activites.

Upon discovering such immoral or illegal behavior, employees must report to their superiors, general manager (or team leader), and the HR team.

This code of conduct is not forced upon employees, but are voluntary promises of each FST employees to be careful and attentive to any immoral or illegal activities. They must strive to abide by this code.


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