ESG Vision

FST continuously strives towards the sustainable development based on ESG Management.

Environmental Management

In an era where carbon emission reduction is urgently required in all human activities,
FST prioritizes the environment as a key element in our business operations and aims to achieve a low-carbon, eco-friendly economy.

FST has obtained certifications for Environmental Management System(ISO 14001) and Occupational Health and Safety Management System(ISO 45001). Based on these, we are actively practicing systematic Safety and Health Environment(SHE) management to promote continuous improvement.


FST considers SHE as a core element of our social responsibility and the foundation for sustainable growth.
FST declares the following policy to state that it places environmental safety as the ‘top priority of management.’

  • 1

    We establish and operate Environment Management System to internalize 'environmental safety as the highest priority' throughout all our business activities.

  • 2

    We identify and incorporate environmental safety regulations and other requirements into our management system, and ensure compliance by all employees.

  • 3

    We systematically establish environmental safety objectives and action plans, and continuously improve the performance of our management system through regular performance assessments.

  • 4

    We minimize potential risks and environmental impacts to protect the environment and provide a healthy working environment.

  • 5

    We establish a communication system for all employees and stakeholders to cultivate an open environmental safety culture through voluntary participation and collaboration.

2022. 04. 01

FST CEO Kyung Byn, Chang


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