ESG Vision

FST continuously strives towards the sustainable development based on ESG Management.

ESG Overview

01ESG Management Declaration
FST declares the following commitments to pursue ESG management
with stakeholders to actively practice sustainable business.
  • 1

    We fully support the global carbon neutrality initiative and strive to achieve it through efforts in energy conservation and the establishment of eco-friendly product manufacturing.

  • 2

    We are committed to minimizing environmental pollutants generated throughout the product manufacturing process. We take the lead in promoting resource efficiency by implementing measures such as waste reduction, reuse, and recycling.

  • 3

    We cultivate a secure working environment and uphold human rights based on principles of empathy, mutual cooperation, and effective communication. We actively contribute to the community through collaboration and mutual support in alignment with our social responsibility and roles.

  • 4

    We proactively work towards legal compliance and transparent governance, with a strong emphasis on ESG management centered around the board of directors.

02ESG Organization
03ESG Management Committee

- Review of sustainable management related matters with Responsibility Persons in each area

  • Organizer


  • Frequency


  • Attendees

    ESG Management Committee Chair, ESG Operations Committee Chair, Responsible Persons in each ESG operational area, Secretariat

04ESG Management Operations

- Discussion of progress in operational matters in each area

  • Organizer

    ESG Management Operations Committee Chair (Business Management Division), Secretariat

  • Frequency


  • Attendees

    ESG Operations Committee Chair, Responsible Persons in each ESG operational area, Members of ESG Operations Team


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